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Online Art Lessons

Learn to make art from a patient and experienced tutor from the comfort of your own home or wherever you may go. I have taught students of all ages and ability. We all want to find our personal style and to make art that shows the world who we are, how we see, and to have the skills to capture and share what makes us unique. I have spent decades helping students find their personal voice and brilliance.


Age 5-95 you can learn to make beautiful art, interesting drawings, design devices to change the future, learn to make beautiful travel journals or make beautiful paintings. Whether you want to paint, sculpt, design video games, or design cities, the skills start here. I will be your guide to find your path and achieve your goals as they change and evolve.


Art is a language like any other. Just the same way anyone can learn to do math, anyone can learn to make art. We have an image in popular culture of the solitary artist but the truth is, all of the best artists had mentors who invested to help them identify their dreams and make them real.


I offer drawing, painting, sketchbooks, art history, watercolors, conceptual art and more. Art making is a language for coming up with ideas, developing them and making something happen in the real world; I teach art as a workshop for the imagination. 

If you sign up for ten sessions, you also receive a digital book of your artwork. Anyone who wants to create a printable book or a digital flip book can also sign up for that.

Because I have been teaching so many years, I can personalise your curriculum to help you master exactly and only what you want to learn. 

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