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This is a previous EdTech research blog.


Art and Science Intersect.

Science and art both are based on observation, imagination, and a drive to do something or at least understand something.  We can't understand the art of the past without science and without the art impulse, we would not have the tools.  There is a reason that our most amazing scientists and doctors are often part-time artists and in the digital age, visual technologies are taking over much of what used to be the role of mathematicians.  Art and science have a historical cycle where art and science diverge and then come back together.  Right now is a convergence period like during the Italian Renaissance where science as we know it was born!


This blog talks about that stuff.

This blog is about creative process.  So much of what I have learned about creativity is assembled from various lessons that come from individual projects.  This collection is a way to reassemble the many awesome moments about teaching that my students and I discover along the way.

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