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Make an Appointment for Skype, Google Hangout, face-to-face session or propose a learning/project plan for guidance!

Pick a Time for A Session

Introductory sessions are below.

You can set appointments here.

There are a variety of goal types, please indicate which one best matches your needs so we make best use of your time:



Digital Workflow

Business Plans


Portfolio Review

ePortfolio Construction

Efficiency Audit


Brainstorming (please indicate topic if new to our conversations so I can prepare)

Take the Survey

Our survey helps to understand your goals and interests as well as what your starting knowledge base includes.  Don't try to second guess the questions and feel free to ramble a little.  The better broad understanding we have of you and your goals, the better we can direct you to what you need and how to avoid what you do not need.  This will be used to get the most out of our introductory session!

Students from other countries studying or wanting to study in America.  Come on in!

Along with the survey, here is an entrance exam for foreign nationals wanting to study in American collges and universities or to get the most out of their experience once accepted!


Do your best on this test.  While we are very selective about which students we take, we also seek students with drive and vision.  

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