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The Full Story

Sustainable Development Goals,
and STEAM Projects

Creating a new technology, becoming an entrepreneur, or creating something to improve or repair the world requires knowledge from multiple subjects. Even the simplest new company concept uses science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). They also require empathy, design, and lots of feedback. 

Students who do not already have project ideas begin with design thinking to find their projects. Once the project is identified, then we must redefine the project. There is a reason every brilliant idea does not immediately change the world. All our ideas need translation into what designers call a Minimum Viable Prototype or MVP. The second set of lessons takes you through this process. 

Prototyping is next. If you are building a device, we learn the electronics and explore different ways to achieve the same goal, then we build. 

Once we get a functional prototype, we create documentation. This takes the form of an online instructional video, a website, an Instructable-style tutorial or all combined together. Each of these becomes a project entry for college or resume portfolios. 

Actual classes range from students who take a ten-package course and create a design for a product to other students who have actually built companies and real products. If you have the desire to create, I can help you cross the finish line.

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