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Trevett Allen has taught in college preparatory schools in Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Greenville, South Carolina and international schools in Hong Kong. After fourteen years teaching art, he knows how to prepare for top marks in AP and A-Level exams. Technology and art portfolios are the key to entry into top-tier schools. Art portfolios are the main ingredient to get into schools like The Rhode Island School of Art & Design, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, FIT and many more. In 2012, Trevett returned to school for a Master's Degree and began a second teaching career in educational technology. Technology portfolios 

Since his start in The Arts, he has run maker spaces, taught engineering, hands-on computer science, design thinking and creativity for innovators and designers. He and his students have built 3D printers and CNC mills, run countless projects using 3D design and laser cutters assisting students to build everything from violins to robots and from their own software companies to robotics teams. He even returned to the subject of his Bachelor's Degree and has been teaching English, poetry workshops with Peel Street Poets, and creative writing.

Now in Hong Kong, he teaches a range of STEAM classes to all ages from kindergarten to university. These classes combine science, technology, engineering, art, and math. This powerful combination is what gets students who are brilliant but sometimes have lower grades to show their inner brilliance in their portfolios. Universities highly value students who have a track record of actually creating things to help others or to dig deeper in new technology or contemporary aesthetics. By connecting this to their authentic selves, they build online portfolios that get them into top-tier schools. 

He had two seniors in 2021-2022 and one is going to The Rhode Island School of Design. The other won the title of Grand Champion in The Hong Kong Innovation & Technology Contest and then with his online portfolio and his software company developed during those academic coaching sessions, was accepted to the University of Pennsylvania.

Trevett specializes in bringing out the creativity and purpose in strong students who achieve by traditional measures and using his interdisciplinary and art background to unleash the potential of students with less traditional minds. Talent is not destiny. Effort and grit are not enough. Passion ignited by personal purpose that aims to help others is the recipe to reach their highest ambitions. This path also builds the kind of humble confidence that lasts a lifetime. It's one thing to look awesome and another to create things that makes you feel how awesome you have become.

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